• 2014 Conference Abstracts

    ISDS Annual 2014 abstracts are in! We received 265 abstracts from all over the globe. Read more ›
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    What do you value most about your ISDS membership? I find activities that the ISDS organizes very valuable. As a researcher I find great value in the connections with both other researchers and with public health practitioners that the ISDS provides. Read more ›
  • ISDS Communities

    ISDS communities are a great opportunity for ISDS members and other interested surveillance professionals to be engaged with initiatives that directly advance surveillance research, practice, and policy. Learn More ›
  • ISDS strengthens syndromic surveillance health data standards for meaningful public health use and system interoperability through inclusive forums and workgroups that unite stakeholder perspectives and experience. Read more ›
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    Whether you're feeling generous with your 2013 refund or looking to get started with your deductible for this year, please consider donating to ISDS! ISDS is a 501(c) 3 non-profit. All donations are tax deductible and directly support programmatic activities. Donate now ›


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