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    Why are you an ISDS member? "I joined ISDS because it is the leading organization for the community of syndromic surveillance professionals nationally. The activities of ISDS broaden my perspective through discussion, training and the networking which makes it possible for our individual efforts to escape the silos of our own jurisdictions." Read more ›
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    ISDS communities are a great opportunity for ISDS members and other interested surveillance professionals to be engaged with initiatives that directly advance surveillance research, practice, and policy. Learn More ›
  • ISDS strengthens syndromic surveillance health data standards for meaningful public health use and system interoperability through inclusive forums and workgroups that unite stakeholder perspectives and experience. Read more ›
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    Whether you're feeling generous with your 2013 refund or looking to get started with your deductible for this year, please consider donating to ISDS! ISDS is a 501(c) 3 non-profit. All donations are tax deductible and directly support programmatic activities. Donate now ›


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