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ISDS is working to highlight public health surveillance-related internship, post-doc, and job opportunities in practice, industry, and academia, by developing a clearinghouse of opportunities. Cross disciplinary disease surveillance opportunities in animal, plant, and environmental health will also be included. These postings are submitted by members of the ISDS Community. Please submit any relevant internship opportunities here: Submit post-doc/job opportunities here:

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December 28, 2014


Dehli, India




Our internship ensuite include a number of programs, fit for different schools of learning. Pre-meds, medical students can go for our healthcare and medical internships. Other than this, we have Dental Electives and Dental Internships. In healthcare internship, we have the option of physiotherapy internships. Student studying to be vets, also have the option to choose Veterinary Internship.
All our international internships are designed to to provide well balanced on-the-job training to our participants. Our internship programs are in Nepal, India, Peru and Thailand.


Pre-med students with age limit of minimum 18 years can join our internship program

How to Apply

Simply go to our site and fill all the informations.