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It is possible to get vaccinated by contacting your general practitioner directly, the pediatrician of your choice or by contacting the vaccination services of the health companies.

Giuliano Isontina University Health Authority (ASU GI)
Friuli Centrale University Health Authority (ASU FC)
Western Friuli Health Authority (AS FO)Return to the index

When to get vaccinated

From the third week of October, giving priority to the categories at risk, up to the entire duration of the flu season.
The effectiveness is greater if the vaccination is carried out by the end of December.Return to the index

Who is exempt from payment

– People aged 60 and over and children aged 6 months to 6 years;

– subjects suffering from chronic diseases of the respiratory and cardio-circulatory systems, diabetes mellitus and other metabolic diseases, kidney diseases, blood diseases, congenital diseases that involve deficient production of antibodies and intestinal malabsorption syndromes and chronic inflammatory diseases intestinal;

– women who at the beginning of the epidemic season are pregnant or puerperium (breastfeeding);

– blood donors, employees of public services of primary collective interest such as nursery school staff, teachers of kindergartens and compulsory schools, post office and telecommunications workers, employees of public administration and defense,

police forces, police fire care personnel in nursing homes, as well as personnel who, for occupational reasons, are in contact with animals that could be a source of infection with non-human influenza viruses (veterinarians, breeders);

– relatives and contacts (adults and children) of subjects at high risk of complications (regardless of whether the subject at risk has been vaccinated or not);

– health personnel (in this case vaccination plays a fundamental role not only in the protection of the individual operator, but also in the guarantee and protection of patients, especially the most fragile and at high risk).

Influenza vaccination: protects you from the seasonal virus and keeps you away from suspected Covid_19. Ask your doctor or family pediatrician.Every year, the flu vaccination is recommended and offered free of charge to people over sixty-five years of age and to those at risk of any age.The best time to get vaccinated is autumn: starting from October.

Vaccination is offered to eligible individuals at any time during the flu season.

The flu virus can lead to serious complications, which is why vaccination represents an important protective measure for oneself and for others, simplifies diagnosis, reduces complications and promotes the efficiency of health care.

The 65-year-olds, starting from the cohort of those born in 1950, will also be able to get vaccinated for free against pneumococcus, the bacterial infection that is the main cause of pneumonia that mainly affects the adult population and those affected by specific pathologies. To these people, the vaccination is still offered free of charge even if carried out after the age of sixty-five.

A single dose ensures protection even in subsequent years. The offer to the sixty-five-year-olds goes hand in hand with the vaccination of people at risk of all ages – identified by the resolution of the Regional Council no. 193/2019 – for which the anti-pneumococcal is always free. Influenza vaccination therefore represents an opportune occasion, since both vaccines can be administered in the same session.

Since 2017, the 2017-2019 National Vaccination Prevention Plan has introduced the free offer of anti-Herpes Zoster vaccination to 65-year-olds starting from those born in 1952. To these people, the vaccination is still offered free of charge even if carried out after the age of sixty-five. years. The anti-Herpes Zoster vaccination is also offered free of charge to subjects at risk over the age of 50 – identified by the resolution of the Regional Council n. 193/2019


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