Convene small group workshops on specific issues critical to advancing the science or practice of biosurveillance and other approaches to syndromic surveillance, both for purposes of early event detection or situational awareness.  The objective of these consultations should be to develop expert, consensus-based recommendations that address specific, unsettled problems or unanswered questions that hinder advances in syndromic surveillance research, development, or practice. Recommendations arising from the consultations should facilitate efforts by researchers, developers, or practitioners to “break the logjams” that hinder progress.  The Society will establish a small-grant program, allowing members to submit workshop proposals and will also convene several non-competitive consultations to address priority areas identified at the 2006 ISDS conference.  The findings from these meeting would be published in the ISDS online journal, Advances in Disease Surveillance (, using a standard format, and presented at the annual Syndromic Surveillance conferences.