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WHO IS IT RECOMMENDED FOR?The flu vaccine is recommended for all subjects from 6 months of age who have no recognized contraindications.WHAT KIND OF PROTECTION DOES THE FLU VACCINE OFFER?

Vaccination, like many other infectious diseases, is the most effective form of influenza prevention. In fact, in adults it reduces the risk of getting sick by about 70%, a little less in the elderly because physiologically the immune system is less reactive and therefore the neutralizing antibodies that protect against the penetration of the virus into the mucous membrane of the airways are produced in smaller quantities.

Influenza vaccination is necessary to protect people from the complications of the disease which, in those most at risk, are accompanied by an increase in the number of hospitalizations and deaths. The protection that the vaccine confers in fact reduces the risk of contracting severe forms and the need for hospitalization.

The flu vaccine does not expose children who have the current vaccination cycle under the law to the risk of negative effects because it not only does not overload the immune system but, on the contrary, improves its response.


Given the current epidemiological situation relating to the circulation of SARS-CoV-2, the Ministry of Health recommends that the conduct of influenza vaccination campaigns be brought forward from the beginning of October.

The ideal is to get vaccinated as soon as possible because the antibody protection, to be effective, requires about 2 weeks from the time of administration.

Influenza vaccines contain only inactivated viruses or parts of them, so they cannot be responsible for influenza virus infections.Common side effects after administration of the flu vaccine consist of local reactions, such as pain, erythema, swelling at the injection site. Common systemic reactions include general malaise, fever, myalgias, with onset 6 to 12 hours after vaccination and lasting 1 or 2 days.

The absolute contraindications are severe allergic reactions such as anaphylaxis after the administration of a previous dose of the vaccine.

An acute phase disease, whether with fever or not, is only a temporary contraindication to vaccination which must always be performed after recovery. The benefit / risk ratio of the vaccine, according to the WHO and the Istituto Superiore di Sanità which analyzed hundreds of millions of vaccinated people, is always and enormously to the advantage of those who carry it out.The Covid 19 vaccine is not a contraindication to the flu vaccine.


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