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Jul 29

August 5, 2014 from 12pm to 1pm

Jul 23

Jul 21

“Many thanks for this, it was most helpful – particularly the words you suggested for communicating the change to the surveillance system. Our epi curve displays both systems (with a cross over period of about two weeks, where there are unlikely to…”

Mar 19

“Thank you for your help. After much consideration we have decided to include the DLI and the lab confirmed cases for the main epi curve (though distinguishing between the two systems). While I would have liked to have split them, this was not…”

Mar 19

“Response from Stephen Benoit, Medical Epidemiologist, Global Migration and Quarantine, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Avoid mixing DLI and lab-confirmed cases. DLI is very non-specific and could overwhelm and wash out the lab-confirmed…”

Mar 12

“Response from Richard Jones, Senior Health Communications Specialist, Division of Health Informatics and Surveillance, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Develop informational release that highlights the date for the last report of…”

Mar 12

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