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“Updated report for 3-20-2015”

Mar 25

“We don’t have that information yet.  I believe you are in contact with Achintya Dey to discuss a report like that.  Let me know if you need something different.   Sincerely, Michael Coletta”

Mar 25

“Fred – Can you give me a call about this?  404-498-2332 Michael Coletta National Syndromic Surveillance Program Manager”

Jan 28

“Attached is some email traffic that may be helpful to this discussion.”

Nov 13, 2014

“Bill Stephens provided me with an additional update.  The original set of queries we put out was designed to really minimize “false positives” and required at least 3 of the symptoms.  That turned out too restrictive to catch the…”

Oct 3, 2014

“Update from Tarrant County – they have translated this into ESSENCE query language for anyone interested.”

Oct 1, 2014

Sep 26, 2014

“Sorry for any confusion.    What was supposed to happen was an addition of columns, but not a change to existing variable names.  We were following up with a request to add metadata from the HL7 message into the locker to include…”

Sep 9, 2014

“Thanks Rosa!   Yeah I put this up a while ago and have my profile setup to email me on every activity posted to the forum.  I like the forum, but think it is telling that there have only been 21 views and one comment on this…”

Jul 3, 2014

“Mike, I don’t have a solution in mind, but I think this is a great question and it’s one that I’ve been mulling over and talking to people about since joining the BioSense community with my current job.  This community forum is a…”

Jul 3, 2014

“In the original recommendations that we as a community endorsed, we spelled out that Diagnosis should be ICD codes (9 or 10) and ECodes and Vcodes should follow when ICD is an injury.  I think most in the community probably expect ICD…”

Jun 17, 2014

Jun 17, 2014

May 23, 2014