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ISDS is pleased to present the Revised Guidelines for Syndromic Surveillance Using Inpatient and Ambulatory Clinical Care EHR Data. The Revised Guidelines were available for a 30-day public comment period from June 5, 2012 – July 3, 2012Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback during this time.

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the Draft Guidelines. ISDS received comments from 73 individual stakeholders and stakeholder groups, the majority of whom were public health practitioners at the state level. Overall, the messages were supportive of ISDS and the Meaningful Use (MU) Workgroup’s time, effort, and product. The comments also emphasized that other surveillance purposes and further research into current implementations would enhance the guidelines.

Taking into consideration the submitted feedback, the MU Workgroup revised the Guidelines to better align with stakeholder needs, perspectives, and expectations. One major change is that the Ambulatory and Inpatient guidelines are now presented separately. Additionally, chronic disease electronic syndromic surveillance purposes were added, as were data elements to support these new purposes. Finally, an expanded literature review is now included in the Revised Guidelines appendix and is part of a continuing effort by ISDS staff to identify current implementations and results. You can view a summary of the major changes in the Revised Guidelines document or in the Guidelines FAQ. 

ISDS requests your feedback in the coming month during the final, and most important, comment period prior to ISDS’ release of recommendations for Meaningful Use. This is the last opportunity for the public to directly shape the recommended guidelines to the ONC. Your input will either support the changes that were made in the Revised Guidelines or emphasize places where further edits are needed. 

View the Revised Guidelines

View the Guidelines FAQ

View PDF of the Revised Guidelines Feedback Survey

How to Comment?

1. On-line survey (pdf – survey now closed).

2. E-mail ISDS Public Health Analyst, Becky Zwickl, MPH, at [email protected] with comments.

3. Schedule a call with Becky Zwickl to provide feedback by contacting her at [email protected].

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