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All in moderation: a beer with friends of course yes, wine at the table as well, but never overdo it. In spite of what one thinks, alcohol is a poorly tolerated toxin by our body. In the long term it causes irreparable damage to fundamental organs such as the liver.

The same goes for recreational drugs and drug addiction.Keep your weight in check and eat healthy

Many of the metabolic diseases, including diabetes, can be caused by a wrong diet (in the case of type 2). Keeping weight under control means monitoring the body so that its shape does not also become substance (the onset of certain diseases that affect old age).

Exercise, carry out regular analyzes, check your body mass index from time to time, prevent cholesterol from rising, eat more vegetables, fruit and whole grains than refined carbohydrates.

If you are over 50, in addition to doing regular analyzes, do not overdo your idleness. Avoid spending too many hours in front of the TV, if you really have to do it, don’t gorge yourself on junk food and snacks, beers and carbonated and sugary drinks at will (perhaps while watching a game or a talent show).

When you can, leave the living room for outdoor recreation. These tips are also valid for young people attracted to TV series on Netflix or excessive use of smartphones.

Do analyzes and tests on a regular basis over the years

The field of prevention is perhaps the most important in terms of healthy aging. The body has many enemies as time passes: bad habits, little movement, pollution, stress and depression.Run regular screening tests. Specific tests can help you prevent and protect you against serious illnesses by discovering them in the early stages, when they are most treatable.

Also regulate a complete check-up with all the necessary analyzes, under medical advice and never underestimate important signals, carry out heart tests and keep blood pressure and blood sugar under control.

Consider that if you lead a healthy life, with regular physical activity, without smoking or drinking or consuming drugs in a low environmental pollution context, you will almost always have positive results from exams.

You are playing with genetics and have a high chance of living a healthy and efficient life even in old age. Of course, you can’t eliminate the inherent risks of this fast-paced world, but you can do a lot.Now let’s see what you should do to keep your brain and mood healthy. The mental profile is also important.


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