Recent Increase in ED Visits for ILI – Age Distribution? – The ISDS Community Forum


Duval County, Florida, like many other Distribute sites, is observing a recent increase in ED visits for ILI.   It was also noted that we are seeing a greater proportion of visits in higher age groups (>50 yo) compared to the 2009 H1N1 pandemic.  This is consistent with our virologic data that shows Influenza A H3N2 as the predominating virus circulating at this time.  Through comparison of TERS age-group plots for participating Distribute sites, it appears that many sites experiencing a recent increase are also seeing a similar age distribution of ED visits.  However, some sites seem to have a more even age distribution.  For those sites, I am curious what the predominating virus circulating is. Also, does anyone have additional context from their healthcare community about the recent increase?


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