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The other prevention rules against influenza 2021 2022

There are other attitudes that can be put into practice to lower the risk of catching the flu or a flu virus.First wash your hands. Here’s how to wash them to make sure you’re not contagious.If possible, avoid being in contact with those who are already infected. Anyone who is already sick must stay at home.

Air the rooms. Too many are still convinced that those with a fever should not get cold. Open windows. It only takes a few minutes every two to three hours.
Replace your linens frequently. But how often do you remove sheets and towels to put on clean ones? Here is the answer.

Throw away the dirty handkerchiefs. Cover your nose and mouth with a paper tissue when you cough and sneeze, then throw the tissue in the trash, avoiding keeping it in bags, pockets or sleeves.

Avoid sudden changes in temperature. Switching quickly from warm to cold environments favors the onset of flu symptoms. The sudden changes in temperature make our immune defenses less efficient, especially in the upper respiratory tract and intestines. T

o defend yourself, try to dress like an onion, so that you are ready for any temperature.
If you can, try to avoid indoor and crowded places. If you use public transport, use gel cleaners as soon as you get off. When traveling, avoid touching your mucous membranes: mouth, nose and eyes.

How to strengthen your immune defenses

If you follow a varied and complete menu at the table, inspired by the Mediterranean diet, you are already taking in the nutrients necessary for your immune defenses. If, on the other hand, for some reason your diet is deficient in certain substances or you are in a particular situation, you can resort to supplements.

Please note that it is always best to hear from your doctor. Advice that applies to an adult and in good health, but which is indispensable if you have any problems, during pregnancy, while breastfeeding and with children. Here is a list of minerals, lactic ferments or vitamins with proven effectiveness to prevent flu, on sale in pharmacies without a doctor’s prescription.

The prevention of influenza with plants

The prevention of flu and colds can also come from plants. Here are the three natural remedies that actually have the power to strengthen your immune system, available without a prescription in pharmacies and herbalists.

ECHINACEA: here you find out why it helps you and what the doses are
GINSENG: all its secrets, but also its contraindications
PROPOLIS: antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiviral, it is practically free of side effects. Its preventive action of the flu forms is testified by several scientific studies.


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