Literature Reviews – International Society for Disease Surveillance


The Literature Review sub-committee of the ISDS Research Committee meets weekly to discuss new publications deemed of interest to the larger ISDS community. Articles are found on Scopus, the largest database of abstracts and citations of peer-reviewed literature, using numerous filters that capture the range of expertise present in the society. Those of high quality or broad appeal, and make significant contributions to biosurveillance, are also considered for the annual Awards for Outstanding Research Articles in Biosurveillance. Selected articles are posted weekly on this page and are sent out to members who wish to receive the list through email subscription. Click here to see the most recent list of articles.

Previously, the subcommittee met bi-monthly to discuss new publications related to biosurveillance. Electronic versions articles were stored in an online archive. During the bi-monthly web meetings, the subcommittee summarized and cataloged interesting findings and invited authors of quality papers of widespread interest to present their work in broad, informal settings. Members also contributed monthly brief structured summaries (MS Word) of noteworthy articles, intended to require as little as 30 minutes of preparation, rather than formal reviews. Archived summaries can be found on the ISDS wiki.