OHS Case Studies – International Society for Disease Surveillance


1. Bolivia: Erika Alandia Robles . Promoting the One Health Approach to Prevent Wildlife-borne Zoonotic Diseases in Bolivia – Yellow Fever Outbreak.
2. Cuba: Maria Irian Percedo Abreu. CEDESAP and REDesastres Network with “One Health” Surveillance Approach for the Sanitary Risk Reduction in the Agricultural Sector.
3. Cuba: Jusayma Caridad Gonzalez Arrabato. Approach to Zoonoses in the Context of One Health.
4. Georgia: Irine Kalandadze, Tsira Napetvaridze, Maka Kokhreidze. Developing the One Health Approach to Anthrax Control in the Country of Georgia.
5. India: Prejit Nambiar. The “One Health” Experience in India: A Partnership among Veterinarians, Physicians and Other Healthcare Professionals in Curbing Vector Borne Zoonoses.
6. Rwanda: Dr. Julius Nziza. Promoting and Supporting Wildlife Surveillance for Zoonotic Pathogens in Rwanda.
7. USA: Hanna Oltean (waiting for publication). Developing a One Health Surveillance (OHS) Approach in Washington State: A Case study of Coccidioides immitis. 8. African One Health e-Surveillance Initiative. Joy Sylvester. Facilitating Cross-Sectoral Collaboration Through One Health Country-Level Work Groups.
9. Cameroon: Ngogang Jeanne, Ngogang Marie Paule. Cysticercosis Associated Epilepsy Prevention and Control in Cameroon.
10. Ethiopia: Zegeye Hailemariam. Yellow Fever Out Break Investigation in Southern Ethiopia. 
11. India: Elizabeth T. Rogawski, Pranab Chatterjee, Manish Kakkar. Developing a Transdisciplinary Database Template for Operationalization of One Health Surveillance for Japanese Encephalitis and Other Vector Borne Diseases in India.
12. India: Anitha C T. One Health Concept: Building Educational and Translational Research Capacity of Graduate and Post- Graduate Students in India.
13. Kenya: Mark Odhiambo Obonyo.  Anthrax in Human and Livestock: Investigation and Response, Turkana-Kenya, 2012.
14. Nigeria: Abbas Gbolahan. Outbreak Response and Active Surveillance for Avian Influenza among Human Contacts in Nigeria, 2015: One Health Approach. 
15. Pakistan: Muhammad Asif Ali, Muhammad Naeem Ayyaz. Dengue Surveillance and Control: One Health Case Study.
16. Pakistan: Syed Mohammad Mursalin, Syed Mubashar Junaid. Dengue Outbreak in Punjab, Pakistan, 2011; Foundation for One Health Approach. 
17. Portugal: Patrícia Alexandra Curado Quintas Dinis Poeta. First Report on MRSA Recovered from Wild Boars in the North of Portugal.
18. Qatar: Elmoubasher Farag. Qatar Experience on MERS-CoV One Health Surveillance and Response, 2012-2015.
19. Saudi Arabia: Ernest Tambo, Emad I Khater. Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever One Health Surveillance Approach Effectiveness in Saudi Arabia.
20. South Africa: Peter Jan Geertsma. A Multidisciplinary Approach to an Qutbreak of Canid Rabies in Gauteng Province, South Africa. 
21. Tanzania: Kennedy Lushasi. Potential elimination of Rabies from Pemba Island, Tanzania. 
22. Thailand: Moe Ko Oo. Mekong Basin Disease Surveillance One Health Digital Disease Surveillance Application. 
23. Uganda: Shona Jane Lee. Modeling Surveillance Networks for Human African Trypanosomiasis Control in Northern Uganda.
24. USA-11 States: Lorraine Backer, Virginia A. Roberts. One Health Harmful Algal Bloom-related Illness Surveillance 
25. USA: Arizona: Mariana Casal. Enhanced Surveillance for Aedes Mosquitoes in the Arizona Border Region. 
26. USA: Arizona: Aurimar Ayala, Craig Levy. Enhanced Animal Surveillance for Super Bowl XLIX in Maricopa County, Arizona, 2015 
27. USA: Kentucky: Grayson C. Brown. A Multidisciplinary One Health Approach to Mosquito Management. 
28. USA: Nebraska: Alison Keyser Metobo. Enhancing Nebraska’s Rabies Surveillance using Electronic Public Health Cases Reports and ESSENCE.
29. USA: New Jersey: Pinar Erdogdu. Better, Stronger, Faster: Making the Case for Adding Data Fields to Syndromic Surveillance, NJ 2015 New Jersey, 2015.