Literature Reviews – International Society for Disease Surveillance


The Literature Review sub-committee of the ISDS Research Committee meets bi-monthly to discuss new publications related to biosurveillance. Electronic versions of recent articles (where available) collected from an automated search engine and from individual submissions are sent out every 2 months for members to read and summarize to update an online archive. During the bi-monthly web meetings, the subcommittee summarizes and catalogs interesting findings and invites authors of quality papers of widespread interest to present their work in a broad, informal setting.

To facilitate the process for the growing list of participants, the monthly article submissions are brief structured summaries (MS Word), intended to require as little as 30 minutes of preparation, rather than formal reviews. Members submit summaries only for articles worthy of posting, noting any articles of high quality and broad appeal or for consideration for ISDS recognition for special awards. Archived summaries can be found on the ISDS wiki.