Conference Planning Committee – International Society for Disease Surveillance


The ISDS annual conference provides a unique opportunity to bring together the diverse, multidisciplinary community of biosurveillance practitioners and researchers to review the latest developments in methodology and applications in the field.

Each year, the ISDS membership plays a critical role in determining both the focus and structure of the conference by having primary responsibility for its content. Each conference is supported by the Scientific Program Committee, and the pre-conference workshops by the Pre-Conference Planning Committee. In addition, the Board of Directors supports the development of strategies for future conferences as well as determining their timing and location.

Scientific Program Committee

After determining the overall conference theme and track titles, the Scientific Program Chair selects and convenes a separate committee to collect and review abstract submissions. The Scientific Program Committee may consist of Consultants, Track Chairs and Reviewers.

2014 ISDS Conference Planning Committee

Pre-Conference Planning Committee

Previously, the pre-conference workshops have been planned by an ISDS Education and Training (E&T) Sub-committee. The E&T Committee is no longer active (effective January 2014). Starting in 2014, the pre-conference workshops are being planned by a Committee under the Conference Planning heading.   

2014 ISDS Pre-Conference Planning Committee

Past Conference Planning

2013 ISDS Scientific Program Committee

2012 ISDS Scientific Program Committee