Research – International Society for Disease Surveillance


Committee Chair: Katie Suda, PharmD, MS, University of Tennessee

Co-Chair for Statistics/Analysis: Al Ozonoff, PhD, Boston Children’s Hospital

Co-Chair for Informatics: Blaine Reeder, PhD, University of Washington

Co-Chair for Public Health/Epidemiology: Bill Storm, MPH, Ohio Department of Health

Board Liaison: Amy Ising, MS, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Staff Liaison: Tera Reynolds, MPH, ISDS

The Research Committee promotes research in advanced disease surveillance by hosting webinars on research topics of interest and informal literature review discussions. Past activities have included administration of technical contests to stimulate interest from other research disciplines and furnishing of reviewers and award judges for the Society’s annual conference.

Literature Reviews

Monthly Research Committee Meetings

2013 ISDS Award for Outstanding Student Abstract

Research Committee Survey Brief 2011 (pdf)