2013 Pre-Conference Workshop: Using R for Disease Surveillance – International Society for Disease Surveillance


The target audience of this Workshop was healthcare providers, public health practitioners, graduate students, and researchers.



The public health workforce (public health practitioners, healthcare providers, and academicians in research settings) require data, as well as analysis and visualization of that data, to enable and provide informed decision-making, whether clinically-based or policy-based. Continued budgetary restrictions and funding cuts have somewhat hindered the ability to purchase commercial products and applications; therefore, public health has a strong need for exposure to and training with open-source products and tools for data collection, analysis, and visualization. R is a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics. It provides a variety of statistical and graphical techniques, and is extensible (http://www.r-project.org/). As an open-source product, R is freely available, and, thus, optimal for use in a variety of settings. This Workshop was a hands-on training in how to use R for epidemiology, disease surveillance and high-quality data visualizations.

Agenda (pdf; updated 11/19/2013)